Friday, May 25

a happy weekend to you

Kip texted me yesterday afternoon telling me to call our sitter and ask her to watch Audrey today so the two of us could spend some time together. Alone...just us two. ( :
We dropped of the kids... then went to the show and caught the first movie playing. 
We shared popcorn and he placed his hand on my thigh... and even though the day went by super fast it was so nice to spend that time together. 
He is so good about asking grandma or our sitter to watch the kids for time alone with me. 
I'm so grateful because I know I can be a really poor planner sometimes. 

How often do you go on dates with your spouse? Do you take time out to be alone? How important is this in your relationship?

I know in ours, it freshens us up a bit... and the routine of life with kids is a little bit easier after spending time with each other to just be us. 

Here are some Instagram photos of our week....

I will be working all weekend so nothing fancy for us, just some relaxation here at home, probably lot's of take out and hopefully lot's and lot's of sleep. 

Do you have special plans this holiday weekend?

Enjoy your time off. Enjoy your families. 

xoxo Marcela


Katie Bug said...

Beautiful family!! I love the pictures. When do I get to see some pictures of Mommy?!

prenni5 said...

Great post. Great photos! What movie did u see? We used to do date nights once a week because we felt it was THAT important and we still do, but life got in the way. Currently I would say we are on a once a month schedule and that's no good. Every 2 weeks would be perfect. Happy Weekend! xo

Cynthia said...

love the pics.

my little girl usually goes once a week -- mid-week -- to stay with grandma. she loves going and if it were up to her she'd stay all week. sometimes we go out, but most of the time we just relax to the peace and quiet.

Stephanie said...

What movie did you see?

I love that photo of Audrey with her face painted. She is such a beauty - just like her mama!


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