Sunday, May 20


Although babies don't need much more than feeding, diapering and lot's and lot's of's always a fun part of pregnancy to find new products....or baby necessities.

I recently saw the Cariboo folding bassinet in person, and have fallen in love. It's made from sustainable New Zealand wood and 100% cotton. It's simple yet perfect.

We only used the crib with Audrey for a few months before she eventually jumped in the bed with us, so we are thinking a bassinet next to our bed would be perfect for baby number three.

What did you use for baby...a bassinet, crib or did baby get in bed with you from day one?


Jackie said...

The Cariboo looks wonderful! I love how simple it is. We used a wicker bassinet that has been in our family for about 40 years. It had big, wooden wheels and was just beautiful!

prenni5 said...

This is adorable and it looks very practical! I bet it's so fun to be pregnant now with all the cool things they've come up with! It's amazing how much new stuff there is since Laine was born and that was only 5 years ago. Fast paced market indeed! Love you. -Annie

Stephanie said...

Audrey was in bed with us from day 1, but...we love having a bassinet for daytime use in the early months.

I love the simplistic design of that cariboo one, but I personally wouldn't buy it b/c I like bassinets with wheels (so I can move it around the house as needed throughout the day). :)


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