Friday, September 21

Creating Lifeables

*This post is compensated and in collaboration with Lifeables and Latina Bloggers Connect

Iv'e been playing on Lifeables the last couple of days. Have you heard about it? It's a new virtual scrapbook type service that brings together all your pictures, videos, posts and events that are spread across your social networks, phones and seconds. You pretty much type in key words and it automatically filters through all your does everything for you

I added profiles for both Audrey and baby Frank and found all the pictures and posts from the last couple of years that are on my different social networks. Lifeables brought together anything from pictures on Instagram to posts on twitter and friend messages from FB. It was super sweet to find photos and tweets from when Audrey was a toddler!!!

I'm picturing how you could totally get fancy with this... a birthday party Lifeable for example, with pictures from your phone, computer or instagram, twitter updates from the birthday party, updates and birthday messages from friends on FB... all in one page...even photos that family and friends took and posted to FB! How neat would it be to have  all that together? 
I think it's awesome to be able to collect all these special moments for events like weddings, family gatherings, vacations, etc., and Lifeables is in the process of letting you order real books from  Lifeables

It's completely secure, so you can choose who gets to view your Lifeables, you can keep them for yourself if you like or share them with friends who if you choose have the ability to comment on your Lifeables. It's also nice that friends and family who might not belong to all the same social networks you do can still see all your memories and milestones.
The best's free! Take a tour and try it out to see if you like...I know you will enjoy seeing all your posts, pictures and updates you might of forgotten about over the last couple of years together in one place.

I'm interested to hear how you sort, organize, display and share your family stories? I am so terribly awful at this...hoping Lifeables will help me out with this!
 What do you think about Lifeables? Is it important to you to keep your family memories that are spread across the web together in one place?

I had never really thought about how many of my memories are out there...glad I've gotten a chance to peak at them again and keep them close by.

*all thoughts and opinions are my own

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prenni5 said...

Wow! This sounds really awesome. I've never heard of it but I'm definitely going to check it out. Thanks for the tip. xoxo -A


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