Wednesday, September 19

what makes a good father?

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When Kip and I were dating my mom shared a saying with me,I don't know where she heard it from or if she even remembers telling me this but it stuck with me.

A man who owns plants and pets will make a good husband and father. 

Meaning he most likely is able to show his love, be responsible, and provide care for another being. Kip had both a dog and house plants...(: and turned out to be the most caring, responsible, and loving man I know. Now, I tell all the single friends I know to marry a man with plants and pets!...(:

An Interview with Kip...his views on parenting...

Marcela:If you were taking the kids out today what would you make sure you had in the diaper bag?

Kip:Diapers, wipes, a clean towel, and a changing mat. (I have to add to this one...a change of clothes...he never forgets a change of clothes!....he reminds me all the time to pack extra!)

Marcela:If you could give a new dad only one tip what would it be?

Kip: Relax!

Marcela:You seem pretty cool to me... do you think youv'e changed since you had children?

Kip:How haven't I changed? My entire priority system has been reordered. My kids are everything! I'm just a pretty cool dad!

Marcela: It's the weekend...where will you be taking the kids to?

 Kip:To watch the newest movie, play at the park, if they've been really good Disneyland or Chuck'E Cheese (their favorite), or watching them participate in their favorite activities (sports, dancing, etc.)

Marcela:What is your greatest responsibility as a parent?

Kip:The safety of my kids. 

Marcela:Being a parent is a lot of hard work, what's the biggest payoff?

Kip:Seeing my kids truly happy. 

Marcela: You love hanging out with the kids...why?

Kip:I'm sharing new experiences. Nothing beats the look on their faces when you blow their minds with something really cool. 

Marcela: No one is perfect, what is your biggest struggle as a parent?

Kip: Keeping the kids from driving my wife crazy! (he's not doing a very good job at this :)
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Mary Beatty said...

Great advice from your Mom. Kip sounds like a pretty cool Dad and husband.

prenni5 said...

Great advice from your mom--I love it! It was fun to read your interview with Kip. He's a great dad..I'm so proud of him--and YOU Mama!! xoxo


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