Friday, September 14

i need another me

When you're postpartum... handfuls of chocolate covered almonds (or chocolate covered anything) every time you pass by the kitchen  is the best thing ever...and showers. 

I'm still trying to find the best way to handle the morning crazyness of making sure Jeremiah has his lunch (the one I was supposed to make), reminding Audrey to use the potty before leaving the house, not yelling at the dog, feeding baby, getting everyone in the minivan  and getting to school on time. 
Luckily Jeremiah is so good at remembering everything I'm forgetting...

I'm also struggling at giving everyone other than Frank enough of my attention. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just make a copy of ourselves when when Audrey was making bead necklaces, and might have told me she might have stuck one up her nose "mom what happens when you have a bead up your nose?".... I easily dismissed it... hours later it finally hit me that she really might have a bead up her nose.
she did. 
I freaked out, and Kip got it out...

And why is baby Frank growing so fast?!? Just a couple days ago all his newborn clothing fit him big. And now I'm washing the 3 month stuff... and crying at the same time...( :


Vivian said...

I KNOW! They grow too fast :(

Nora said...

Very handsome, awww makes me want another one! *sigh*

Ana said...

I know life is cruel that way that your kids grow up so fast you and before you know it you don't know where the time went!


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