Saturday, September 15

Finding Nemo in 3D

Disney sent us an invite to a special screening of Finding Nemo 3D. Kip took Audrey for a special dad and daughter day.  The screening was at the Walt Disney Studios so the two of them had fun taking pictures around the studio. 

Looking through the pictures I can't help but notice how much Audrey has grown in the last year...she looks like a little girl now, and seems to have left most signs of toddlerhood behind. 

They enjoyed the movie...seriously how could you not enjoy watching Finding Nemo again?...and in 3D. Audrey loved the Toy Story short that played before the movie...apparently toys partying in the bathtub is the funnest thing ever. 

Is Finding Nemo 3D part of your plans this weekend?

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prenni5 said...

That's awesome! What a wonderful day for daddy and daughter. We can't wait to see this movie in3D. It's one of our favorites! You're right--Audrey is really growing up. She is such a beautiful little girl! I miss you guys.
xo -Annie


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