Thursday, August 12

Can I run a marathon?

(via Nike Running)

 I keep telling myself I can do this.  Powerful words, yet somehow I'm having trouble holding on to them.  That feeling of can I really do this?

This is the year, no more thinking, just doing.  So cliché!  I know!  Seriously though... I can do this.

I ran a half this weekend, and somehow that was scary.  The fact that that is only half of what I will need to run.  I am SO not a runner, yet I am SO a runner.
That feeling I get when I get back from a run.
Leaving everything on the path behind me.  That feeling of new.

So while I train and eat and eat and eat I will update the blog on my progress.

(the eating part will be difficult, one thing I have found and HATE about working out and hungry I get!  All the time!  Is this a Latina Culture thing? I'm woking on eating less and eating healthier.)

I will be running the hilly (no, don't think that) streets of San Francisco for the sold out Nike Women's Marathon benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Women of all colors, all shapes and all sizes.  And we get a Tiffany & Co finisher necklace too!

Many thanks to Nike for sponsoring my race!

*Nike is sponsoring my race fees.  I was not asked or required to post about the race. No other compensation was given. 


SWFL Doula said...

If there´s somebody that can do it, IT´S YOU!

Stephanie said...

Marcela, I am SO PROUD of you! Even a 1/2 is HUGE. Congrats on being so committed to your health.

P.S. Your post is like a little kick-in-the-pants for me right now. I've been neglecting running and I need to get back out there. Thank you.

Laura (Bandida Blog) said...

Chica! Good luck!
I'm training for my first half marathon right now and I find that to be challenging! Good luck with your marathon training. You can do it!
I noticed that you put that you were really hungry all the time. I had the same thing and talk to my doctor. He suggested I eat small healthy meals six times a day and take supplements like my omega 3's. It's really been helpful and has helped me in not eating a whole pan of enchiladas for lunch! :-)
Have fun running in beautiful San Fran! I'll be cheering for you here in Nuevo Mexico!
p.s. How did you get Nike to sponsor you?

Madeline said...

Don't skimp on the food while you're running! You need the extra fuel. My dad runs crazy 48 hour ultra runs. You'd never know it to look at him...he looks like Santa Claus. He eats too much while he's not training, but while training it is totally necessary. Good luck!! You can do it!

Silvia said...

when?? so proud of you, I should follow your steps, no, I'm not a runner and never will be but I should start exercising again :)

Yes, you can!!!

Cynthia said...

suerte! i have just started training for my first half this week. the most i've done is a ten miler.

for the first time ever i'm waking up at 6 a.m. to go running before work. i've always hated waking up early to exercise but now with work, baby and life, i have no other choice. strangely, i think i'm enjoying this sked more.

keep updating on your progress!!!


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