Monday, August 9

Audrey's Birthday

Her birth story. 
I woke up right at 10:15.  Quickly put my scrubs on, brushed my teeth, and grabbed some snacks. There was tightness around my belly and I had that feeling... of.... baby will come soon. 

I came back in the room and kissed Kip good bye, whispering...I think baby will come tomorrow. 

As I drove to work that night, I felt it again. That tightness.  A contraction.

I didn't say a word to the other nurses.  They would have sent me home, or called Kip to pick me up, or called one of our doctors to see how many centimeters, or how effaced, or do an ultrasound or something.  

I got straight to work, and took care of a really sick patient that night.  I kept busy, and truly had no time to worry about contractions...except when one was happening

I could tell that they got closer as night left and morning came.  But still knew there was lot's of time in between.

At 5am, I had to call Kip.  As I talked to him and told him I had had contractions all night, my eyes started to tear.  I quickly said good bye and refocused .... on work.  On emptying a catheter, hanging piggybacks and charting.

As I gave report that morning to the oncoming nurse I was so inpatient.  I wanted to get home.  I was exhausted and if she would have taken one more minute to get coffee or put her bag away or admire my belly I seriously could have cursed her out.


I got home to find my dogs waiting for me.  Ready to go out, specially after the upset stomachs they had for the past week.

Kip came home from work.  Brought chicken and rice to cook (for the dogs).  I assured him I was fine and that he needed to take his test, 30 miles away, and that I would be fine.  I will call you if I need you here. 

I called my doctor and let the receptionist know I would be delivering that day.

I boiled chicken.  And cooked rice.  And had a bowl (of dog food) thinking I needed the protein and carbs for all the work I would be doing during the next few hours.  I usually prescribe myself (and figured the doctors orders to not eat didn't relate to me).

I took the longest shower ever...maybe two hours.

It felt so good.  The water running down my back.  The dogs laying outside the tub.  And me swaying back and forth, naked, on my knees, in the shower.

By this time, maybe 10 am.  I was feeling them.  Strong.  With plenty of rest in between, maybe 15 minutes, I took naps in between my contractions.

The dogs comforted me during contractions.  I would moan, as they stood at the side of the bed not saying a word yet letting me know they were there.

I truly can't explain what good labor partners animals make.  It's amazing the support I felt from them.

I prayed and reassured myself on how strong a woman I was.  On how this little human being was inside.  How I had created this.  And how I was the only one that could bring this baby to life at this moment.  How all this hard work was meant for me, with the greatest payment to come.

I'm a little embarrassed (because I'm a nurse) to say I never counted how long or how much time in between my contractions.  I focused on my body and I focused on prayer.

Right around noon, I knew baby was coming soon.  I called Kip, who at this time, so worried about me, was driving in the carpool lane, by himself.  He had managed to take his test in 10 minutes yet was finding difficulty getting trough LA traffic that easily.

I'm ready.

He got home to witness a couple of contractions occur within 5 minutes.

I moaned. 

We got to the hospital at 12:30.  He tried dropping me off and then leaving to find parking, but I refused, wanting him there.  Knowing baby would come any second.

We got to our room.  The nurse asked for me to pee in a cup.

I was so much more ahead than peeing in a cup.  As I laid down on the bed and told her baby was coming she nonchalantly checked how many centimeters I was.

The baby's head is right there, she said as she ran towards the emergency button.

I'm not sure when it happened exactly, when all the calmness, all the meditation, all the prayer left me.  Maybe as I stepped into that room.  Maybe it was the thought that now it was in the doctors and nurses hands....silly me.   I was now scared.  I now felt like I couldn't do this unless my doctor was there.

I quickly, was as nervous as they were, forgetting the peacefulness that had filled my body up to this point.

I was told to wait, and do not push several times, because my doctor was finishing up a c-section.  I waited and fought my body against pushing, yelling to get my doctor or any doctor here.  I felt only anxious vibes from this nurse.

Or, I will push, now!!

Forever went by (at least to me) and the doctor finally came, and I pushed.  And there was baby.  A girl! (we wanted the sex to be a surprise).

She was beautiful.  And I put her to my breast.

And she was perfect.

We have thoughts of another baby.  Soon, perhaps.

I have thoughts of a home birth.

I don't argue that some people need to go to the hospital.  I work in a hospital and have seen some amazing things happen.  Miracles happen because of people that work there.  Doctors and nurses.

For me, being in the hospital, as a patient, really stresses me out.  I start iv's and draw blood, monitor drains from peoples brains and catheters in peoples hearts and arteries.  Yet, being a patient myself scares me.  Not because I don't trust but because I have this thought that really sick people go to the hospital.  It's a personal issue.

For me, having babies is not being really sick.

I felt so powerful at home.  I had the best labor partners.  Was in my bed and in my shower.  And I wonder....

How would those last minutes before baby's arrival have been if I had decided to have her at home?

What are your thoughts on hospitals and home births?


Madeline said...

How wonderful that you were able to labor at home for so long and have so much peace. It's inspiring to read stories of peaceful labors and births (I've noticed they tend to revolve around homes).
And, I agree hospitals are for sick people. The vast majority of pregnant women aren't sick.

SWFL Doula said...

What an amaizing birth story! you are really in tune with your body.. and what a magical moment to realize she was coming.. Mine was induced and I hated it.. but then when I saw my little piece of heaven I forgot everything else.. Motherhood is the BEST thing that ever happened to me

Stephanie said...

What a lovely birth story, Marcela! I have a feeling that you would be perfectly suited for a home birth. We're also considering it for baby #3...although it may have to be an RV birth. ;)

P.S. I can't stand it when hospitals tell women not to push because the doctor isn't ready. That's just not right.

Thalita Dol said...

thanks for your visit marcela!

what a wonderfull birth story!
my lilla was born at the hospital too, but it was what they here call 'natural labor', with no interventions and under the assistency of a midwife along with my OB. They were calm, I was calm and it all was perfect and lovelly. She was born in the water and didn't even cry!

But I know women who had homebirths too and sounds great. The have wonderfull stories. I think it all depends on what your heart trully wishes! If you feel the urge for a homebirth, go for it!

hugs from Brazil!

Tracy said...

Okay, I am not usually a sucker for a birth story, but you made me tear up. How beautiful :)

I don't have any strong opinions on home vs. hospital birth. I think that whatever the individual woman wants to do, is the right thing for her... I prefer hospitals myself. I can't say exactly why. I see them almost as hotels. I suppose I don't get enough vacations ;)

Love the pics of your dogs. I remember you telling me about them in Miami. They look so much like my Ginger, (G. Shep/Collie mix). I agree about animals being of great comfort.


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