Friday, August 20

All dressed up

I ran 11 miles yesterday, was so exhausted...a good kind of exhaustion.  My hot followed by cold shower was like heaven....and then I put jeans on, a cute top and makeup.

Kip got home from work, and asks...are you meeting a friend?

No, why?  I say.
Then I start laughing.  Because I know exactly why he asked.

Your just dressed up, that's why. 

Seriously, jeans and a top, and I'm dressed up.

I really can't get mad...because it's true and he is the sweetest husband ever.  Which is why, I should really get out of my yoga pants and t shirts more often.

Jeremiah does it too!

I pick him up from school and he'll say....

where are we going?


but your dressed up?

Again, jeans and a top, and maybe earrings!

This is so bad.  I need to do something about it. A S A P.  

And yet here I am, today, writing in yoga pants and a t shirt. 

So here goes, I'm making  a promise to myself   

to get dressed up more often. 

Any advice?Are you dressed up (jeans and a top)??????

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Liz said...


There are days (during the summer) when hubby comes home, and Im still in Pjs!! he he...

Yay for dressing up :P

Yoly - YNR Live said...

I laughed and nod the whole time although my "uniform" is jeans and a tshirt.

Here's to dressing up more often :)

Love the pic by the way!

Laura (Bandida Blog) said...

Dressing up is fun! Even when you don't really feel like ya are. I guess the best part about all of this is that your loved ones notice!

CASPER said...

I now spend the majority of my days at home with my 4 month old baby, so I will say, mostly I am wearing PJs, and there are many days where I roll out of bed at 4.30 when his little eyes open and whatever I am wearing then I am wearing for the most part of the day - eeekkk! To go for a walk I wear jeans and a tshirt and that right now feels realy dressed up. And then lip gloss, whoa!!

Mari Nuñez said...

OMG!! Me too!!! I am in my black yoga pants and a t-shirt.

There is nothing more comfortable then wearing that to do house work and to relax after a long day at work.

You're a beautiful women, I am sure you look pretty either way, but you are right we have to do something about it.

Any idea what could be nice and comfortable enough to wear while we do chores and cook?

Have a great weekend!

Madeline said...

I'm currently in my pjs, so I can't say anything. However, I generally try to get dressed "up" most days. I find that I feel better that way....even if it doesn't always happen until after lunchtime.

adrienzgirl said...

You look amazing Mamacita! I always feel so much better when I get dressed up. We can all take a lesson from you and be inspired to get dressed up for the ones we love. If not for them, for ourselves!

Unknown said...

Jajaja! It's true. I try and try but it's had and specially in summer, it's just shorts, flip flops. What I do is always always do my makeup even if it's very light, it makes me feel ready for anything just in case and at least I don't look like out of bed!!

Jai said...

Honestly if I don't "dress up" in jeans and a top during the weekend my energy seems lower. Right now I'm in yoga shorts I went out this morning but I took the jeans back off when I got home. I work outside the home so I have no choice but to dress up during the weekdays. Here's to more dressing up during the weekends!

Lisa Renata said...

What can I say I love a good pair of jeans and a cute top. That's usually my everyday uniform, but lately I've noticed that I do dress up more. I've discovered the comfort and ease of wearing a dress, especially here where it is so darn humid. Jeans are just too heavy during the summer. So I buy my self lighter weight ones. Hahaha, now seriously. Like Dariela I also make sure to always put on some make up, even if a little. Of course mujer, you can get away not wearing make-up (I know I've seen it), you are naturally beautiful. Lucky, lucky you. =)

ps. Can't wait to see you all dressed up in jeans and cute tee- in a few days! Jeje


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