Monday, August 30

to run around the table

Today, we went out for Thai food with friends.  Audrey took off her shoes in the middle of the restaurant.  She ran around the table.  I told her to stop a couple of times.  And other times, I let her run.  She was so happy.  I can't think of too many times Iv'e been so happy over something so running around a table. 
Luckily, the restaurant was almost empty (except for that one couple that might of given us the evil eye once or twice). 
She ate all her noodles. 

Jeremiah drank lots of water in between gulps of spicy lemongrass & seafood soup. 

We then went bowling.  All of us kids. Jeremiah won the game.  And Audrey jumped and yayed! 

She fell asleep on the car ride home.  I jump and yay! at this.

Now, a run for me. (I ran 15 miles on Saturday!)
And leftover's for dinner.
Life is good.

PS.  Sofia Vergara pre awards show: eating. I LOVE her.  Don't watch the show (Kip says good things) but still love what she is doing for Latinas on television.

I'm also loving the best actor and best supporting actor wins in a Drama.  The pair is perfect in Breaking Bad.  Perfect.


Yoly - YNR Live said...

You must watch Modern Family! We as a biracial couple can relate to so many situations with this show. Definitely, great writing.

Audrey is so jugetona! Love reading your blog.

Heidi Leon Monges said...

oh, thai food and bowling with the kids.

that looks like serious fun

SoCal_Me said...

The simple things in life are the best. The ones that make us smile and make our hearts happy. We all need more of those. Its good for us (and for them) to let our kids just be kids.

cyndisan said...

Sofia Vergara is an awesome ambassador for Latina women. Like, in my head, I totally look like her and am just as funny ;)

But in truth, everyone on that show is pretty funny.

Woah, your mileage is inspiring me to get in gear! Work travel has thrown me off this week, again :P

Laura (Bandida Blog) said...

Yummy Thai food!! The story of your daughter running around the table is so cute!
Great job on the 15 miles! Phew, i'm trying to gear up mentally for 8 miles tomorrow.

Krista said...

WOW!! 15 miles! That is really impressive! I haven't exercised, in oh....I dunno....6 months! Yikes! Does yoga count? lol.

You are one inspirational mama!!


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