Thursday, December 16

Bodega Bay and The Birds

Here are more pictures from my recent trip up North.  Bodega Bay ( the popular filming location of the movie The Birds).  The town is definitely proud of being host to such a popular film.  Little remnants can be spotted throughout the town. 

It's a fun place to visit, we had a scavenger type afternoon looking for all the filming spots ( :

The Tides restaurant (the original restaurant that appeared in the film burned years ago, but a new  Tides stands in it's's a perfect place to get you seafood fix.  Delish.
A little freaky..right?  All the birds flying?!?!

The old school house...remember?

It was a lovely girl filled afternoon.  Yummy food to eat.  Girl conversations in the car.  Talks on the movie.  Talks on birds.  Talk on friends ( :

Sorry for the little posting these days.  I'm really taking the time to enjoy my family during the Holidays.  Will definitely be back soon.  

Real time:  Audrey is running around with cookie sprinkles...I asked her "what are you doing?" ...."nothing" she just responded..... smells like trouble) ( :


PS.  Have you seen the film?

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Catalina said...

AKKKK!! Yes, I've seen the movie many a times and freaks me out the same way each time. Love your photos but the one with all the birds in the air... Ay mama!! ;)


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