Saturday, December 11


*Disclaimer: I was compensated  for attending a Pampers brand event.  Thoughts and feelings on the event are all my own.  

 Sometimes, you just can't explain it.  Or put into words. Or know exactly what you felt....

except you know that it's the most amazing feeling, ever.  You are inundated with love.  And peace.  And for that moment everything is perfect.

my two little miracles working on gingerbread house

Audrey and I were invited to the launch of Pampers brand "Pequeño Milagro" (Every Little Miracle) campaign. The event took place at MacArthur Park Primary Center, a very cute pre school/kindergarten center with majority Latino student population.

We enjoyed goodies.  Got to see blogger friends (which is always the best part about going to these sort of things).... and I got to chase Audrey around the playground ( :  Yay!

Catalina, me, Liz, and Jennifer
The students had a special performance prepared,  spanglish Christmas carols... and when Audrey saw all the kids lined up singing fun songs she HAD to join in. 

It was the cutest thing watching her sing along and join them.

Pampers announced the donation of a mural to this lovely school, and from the pictures of mothers and babies we saw and the great local artists Retna and El Mac who will work on it...I'm sure it will be beautiful.  

We heard all about the new campaign.
Their new Milagro campaign promises to provide resources and support for Latina mothers and their babies remembering that "every baby is a little miracle", they also have a new facebook page. It's specially geared towards Latina moms. 

We also had a chance to meet Barbara Bermudo from the popular spanish show Primer Impacto.  She is the perfect choice for spokesperson of this Latina focused campaign (just as lovely in real life) .... the honorary madrina, as they call her.   She was glowing all over, giving birth to her second baby girl just one month ago.  She is also on Pampers Latino facebook page, her videos, chats and pictures show just how much of a sweetheart she is.

with Barbara Bermudo

Visit Pampers Latino on facebook, and "like" them.  I just did ( :

(more gingerbread pictures to come!!!) ( :

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