Tuesday, December 28

It's all in the details

 I know I've mentioned before, that I'm a sucker for small businesses.  
Probably because a small business provides for this family.  It helps keep us warm and helps keep tummies full.  
It's local...only two miles away from our home.  A store that makes you feel welcome and takes you back to when every business was local and family owned. 
Kip has been working hard for months on a new store website... which I have to show off
via Crown City Hardware
You can find beautiful restoration and decorative hardware for your little bungalow (ours was built in 1905), your fancy victorian, your art deco or that warm place you call home You will most likely only be able to find it at Crown City Hardware. And you can expect quality.  I know my husband, he will make sure of this. ( :
Visit.  And tell your friends.  Let them know why it's so important to shop small business.  

via Crown City Hardware

Because it helps families like ours.
PS. If you watch movies and TV shows then you have probably seen hardware from Crown City Hardware..... take a look at their movie/TV show list!  Is one of your favorite movies on there????

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Tania said...

The website looks great! Love the colors and product photos, congratulations : )


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