Wednesday, April 20

las sandalias de ana

Audrey's 3rd birthday will be here soon.  I'm thinking a handmade doll would be a special gift.  She doesn't have many...a couple plastic babies that have been gifted.  She tends to prefer soft little ones to hold or push in her stroller or stuff in secret hiding spots. Usually her brothers old stuffed friends. Like a tiger, a wolf, or a bear.
Yet...I think something like this she would really fall in love with. 

little red riding hood

berta y su amigo bichin

ballerina con tutu
Ana lives in Spain where she makes the most beautiful dolls and truly I really can't make up my mind which one is more special.  You can see more lovelies on her shop Las Sandalias de Ana.

Does your baby girl play with dolls? Did you play with muñecas when you were a tiny one?


MJ said...

so beautiful!! i sometimes wish I had a baby girl to make her dolls.. instead I make my boy robots and monsters lol

Color Land said...

Hi and thanks for stop by @ my blog!, the dolls are so cute! Nice blog! I think we live really close :)
Keep in touch !

lizziedoesit said...

these are cute! i want to get one for Luna too.. i found this artist on etsy that makes dolls and you pick out the outfits and hair color :) here's her link! its on Luna's "wish list" aka my wish list.

lizziedoesit said...

and i also want to get her a blythe. she doesn't even know what a blythe is... but they're SO CUTE! i loved playing with Barbies as a kid. i don't remember dolls that much but Luna does love them already and she's only 14 months!

Madeline said...

Those are adorable! My aunt made Sophia a doll recently. I need to take a picture and post it. It's inspired me to try my hand at doll making soon.

Lisa Renata said...

Me encantan!

I've been planning on making my little girl a rag doll for a while now. I better before she is too old to want one. Hehehe.

Stephanie said...

My girls would love these dolls - so pretty, so cuddly to hold.

las sandalias de ana said...

ohhh, thanks!!!

it´s a lovely post!!!



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