Thursday, April 28

Jelly Beans (our Easter celebration)

On nights leading to Easter, I had been reading Here Comes Easter! to Audrey.  It's about a little girl who has an egg hunt in her home, she then finds a jelly bean trail that ends with a sweet surprise. 

I thought an egg hunt around the home would be perfect for the kids on Easter morning instead of an Easter basket.  I hid 6 small eggs for each and a large one filled with a surprise.  They had so much fun on their hunt. 

Audrey finds the eggs... and then says to me... "where the jelly beans?"

I seriously didn't even think about making a jelly bean trail...but from the story this was definitely part of Easter morning.  Right?

I didn't have jelly beans.  And she asked about them all day!  Kip says to me "why didn't you get jelly beans?"(it was obvious to everyone except me I guess).
We went out to buy some because she just couldn't do without jelly beans for Easter. 

She finally followed a trail to a big surprise (grandmas Easter basket).  
And then it was definitely Easter!

We went to mass early morning and then had lunch with friends and family.  My garden is beautiful right now, filled with Spring, so we set up picnic tables outside and had a most non traditional Easter meal... pinchos (skewers), wild rice, green salad, and a yummy tomato and mozzarella salad, champagne, wine (sparkling cider for the kids) and ofcoarse ...
torrejas for dessert. 
(which are my jelly beans... you can't do Easter without)

The kids (and adults) enjoyed Cascarones (confetti filled eggs)...
and I still have trails of confetti in my backyard. ( :

What's your jelly beans?

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Madeline said...

Aww, that is such a cute story! I love the jellybean trail idea too. Sounds like y'all had a wonderful Easter. I want to come eat at your house. To be honest traditional Easter food is not my favorite.


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