Monday, April 11

spring break

It's spring break here in these parts.

I dedicated the morning to cleaning the house and supposedly potty training.  

It went okay actually.  I vacuumed and mopped and did two loads of laundry. 

Audrey didn't go in her diapers. 

She pooped in her brothers room instead. ( :

"mom! Audrey pooped on my floor!"

We met friends for a picnic at the park.  Audrey insisted on taking her rain boots and Jeremiah has the biggest afro ever (brushing it does nothing) ...and refuses to cut it.  

Audrey fed her sandwich to the birds and then made it very clear she only wanted chips for lunch.

And my best friend and I, talked and talked, and I let go of feelings that really needed to come out.  

We ate sliced watermelon and cucumbers con limon

The kids are dirty now, Kip and I joke that they are a shade darker.  

I can smell fries in the oven.  Chicken burgers and fries for dinner tonight. 

And I think my body and my brain deserve a run this evening...


Lisa Renata said...

It sounds like things are looking a bit brighter (poopie mess and all). I am glad you were able to talk to your friend. A listening friend can always make things better.

Sending good vibes your way.

Madeline said...

Sounds like some much needed time with your friend!


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