Monday, September 12

living after tragedy

I really want to see this. The Tiniest Place.
A documentary by Tatiana Huezo, a Latina born in El Salvador and raised in Mexico.

It's a story about how people find a way to keep living even after surviving a tragedy, in this case El Salvador's civil war, and takes place in Cinquera, a small town in the jungles of El Salvador.

What's the last documentary you saw? Do you love them as much as I do?

You can read more about Tatiana in this interview.


Nora said...

Nice, they did a really good job with capturing the video imagery. My mother in law's husband was as soldier in El Salvador back in those days, nice guy, doesn't like talking about it and won't go to any 4rth of July functions with us. Love documentary's and the last one I saw was on the McDonalds empire on the CNBC channel ( and I was very bored LOL)

Vivian said...

I am fascinated when I learn about the stories of people. Thank you for sharing about her.
The last documentary I saw was last night on 9/11. This guy was documenting the life of this house of firefighters in lower Manhattan and happened to capture everything on camera when the attacks happened. Pretty powerful stuff...

Independentmami said...

I like watching these kinda movies. I am from El Salvador and I am adding this one to my must see movies. Thanks for the heads up.

prenni5 said...

This looks really, really good. I love Documentarys! The cinematography looks beautiful too! Thanks for the recommendation. xo


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