Friday, September 16

los colores

These days, Audrey has been learning her colors. We point at everything and say what color it is.

Today, after our run, we ran into a dog and his owner. Audrey stopped to admire.

I asked,"what color is he?".

Audrey answered, "poopie color".

See, sometimes we even point at her poop (sometimes it's different colors), and say what color it is (this doesn't sound cute at all:).
So, embarrassed as I was....

I really hope I covered it up well, when I said...

"You mean brown right?"


Mary Beatty said...

Too funny. It really gave me a good laugh.

cyndisan said...

hey, it's natural for kids to say things like that. and we should enjoy their candid honesty while we can ... they grow up so fast.

which reminds me, our 2-year-old daughter is picking up new words every day, and the other day she was with her father and she burped, then after she thought a second she said, "i farted ... in my mouth." that may sound gross to some people, but it's hilarious to us :) and it shows that she's thinking and connecting the dots. technically, its right.

prenni5 said...

That is soo funny!! Kids are so honest.

Color Land said...

So funny!
Kids are just like that, so natural, love her answer!


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