Friday, September 2

reminding myself

A morning of lounging and an afternoon of cleaning house. 
Much deserved by all, I invited the kids out for a treat. 
riding in front seat and playing with phone

We decided on horchata's and cafe de olla.
 As we sat in the restaurant , laughing and talking and mostly listening to Audrey's most random and completely honest and perfect thoughts, I was filled with this everything is so good feeling. That moment is exactly what I want out of life. 

I wish I had a little alarm inside me, to go off whenever I need to stop and just enjoy the moment. To many days I'm on this need to get so much done, or what's next? or what did I forget?
So often, I completely miss out on my life. My miracles.

How do I remind myself to stop and enjoy?

One more week friends to enter the Pampers baby shower giveaway.
It's in celebration of our miracles (our little ones). If you know someone who is expecting and speaks spanish or if you are that lucky person, take the time to enter and share, it's such a great giveaway!


Ana said...

I love horchata!! Your kids are beautiful!

prenni5 said...

LOVE this post!! It's so true..those moments of joy are exactly what I want out of life too. Wish I could remember to always slow down and enjoy them--notice them. Love the photos of the kids! xo

Lisa Renata said...

I completely know what you mean. I also wish I had that little alarm clock and my camera ready at every moment. *Sigh* if only.

Carrie at Tiki Tiki Blog! said...

I have a feeling you stop and enjoy more than you give yourself credit for...



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