Wednesday, September 21

Twitter Chat on Health-Care Associated Infections

I don't often get to share myself as a nurse here. Yet, a lot of you know already, it's one of my passions. 

I feel so lucky to be joining Health and Human Services for their twitter chat next Tuesday: 

Health-Care Associated Infections in the Outpatient Setting

I'd love for you to join me @mom2miahaudrey, Tues. September 27th from 7pm-8pm EST/ 4pm-5pm PST. RSVP here!

Please join us for a second chat on Wed. September 28th from 1pm-2pm EST/10am-11am PST. 
 RSVP here for Wednesday's chat!

The chats will be on Twitter with the Hashtag #HHSHAI. You can follow fellow hosts @HHSgov @HHSOHQ.  

To follow on tweet chat:

We will be discussing Health-care Associated Infections in the Outpatient Setting, learn where we can find resources online, prevention basics, guidelines, teaching materials, and social media promotion 

If you are a medical professional, you are already aware how big of a topic this is, we would love your feedback and thoughts. If this is your first time reading about this and would love to know more on how to protect yourself as a patient, you are welcome also. 

*I'm sorry everyone @HHSgov has postponed twitter chats for now. Will keep you updated on new date. 

*This post and participation during twitter chat are compensated. It's a topic that's important to me, and feel I'm a perfect candidate for this. 


Color Land said...

Me encanta este blog, siempre hay un tema interesante:)
La verdad yo admiro mucho tanto a enfermeras como a doctores, simplemente es un trabajo que yo nunca podria hacer, se necesita mucho valor, paciencia y amor a la profesion.
Gracias por la informacion, reservare mi lugar para aprender y estar bien informada, saludos y espero nos veamos pronto!

Laura (Bandida Blog) said...

This is great! Please keep me updated when the twitter chat is rescheduled. I would love to be a part of it.


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