Monday, October 24


I always wanted those red star earrings Jem wore. Where can I get them? I still want ( :

Jem and The Holograms The Truly Outrageous Complete Series is out on DVD. I think it would make any 80's girl contenta. Don't ya think?

I was offered season one to review, and I immediately said remembering how much I loved Jem and her friends.

Her outfits were the coolest! The pink hair, the earrings....oh I loved.

Do you remember Jem and The Holograms? Did you watch?  What other cartoons did you love/remember?

* Season one on DVD was sent for review. No other compensation was given. 


Yoly said...

¡Wow! Sí recuerdo a Jem (hay estoy mostrando mi viejentud, LOL) Que bueno que las traen nuevamente para que esta generación disfrute de ellas

Holamom said...

Yes, I watched and loved it! I recently discovered that the show is on The HUB channel and I'm soooo happy :)

prenni5 said...

I do remember Jem but I think it was slightly below my age range so I didn't get hooked. I have noticed the cartoon is back on though and sometimes Laine likes to watch it. The boys too! ;)


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