Monday, October 3

to the park

(the house is a mess)

I worked all weekend...  today I slept.  

I really need to do laundry, and load the dishwasher, and think about what we will have for dinner tonight. 

Right now, I don't want to. 

Jeremiah (basketball in hand) asked if we could walk to the park after he and Audrey finish their snack.

I almost said... " but there is so much to do..."

Then, I realize, there will always be so much to do

We are off to the park now. To enjoy the warm sun before it decides it should set. 

Dishes can wait. Laundry can wait. 

And dinner, dinner might be late .... 


Vivian said...

I'm glad you made that choice! And I'm sure you had the BEST time at the park! ;)

Ana said...

Good way of thinking!! It was a beautiful day!!

Kip said...

...and dinner was not late, because Papa made it!

prenni5 said...

I love your attitude because it's the right attitude!! There will always be stuff to do, but these kids won't always "want" to hang out with us and right now they do. I try to remember that and it's not always easy. You are such a good mom! Love you.

Mary Beatty said...

You made the absolutely correct decision. The children will always remember the day at the park, not whether the dishes were done or the laundry for that matter. Always err on the side of joy. Love you .

Color Land said...

Good choice! As you said there's always things to do, but can wait :)


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