Saturday, October 22

this weekend...

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Jeremiah has playoff game two this morning. We will be getting ready in just a bit to head out.

This team has worked so hard this year (they're undefeated) and really just given it their all.... can you tell I'm a bit nervous?

We are usually it's about having fun around here, but with a team that's worked so hard and come such a long way like this I can't help but think of winning.

My stomach, like every other parent will be in knots, and we will be holding on to each other just like our last playoff game I'm sure...

a visit to the pumpkin patch and frozen yogurt is in store post game. ( :

I am so thankful my family is safe, healthy and happy. I hope all of you are safe, healthy and happy this weekend. Enjoy your families....


Families in beautiful El Salvador are in need of your help, it's been days of rain and floods, no clean water, destroyed homes, destroyed crops, deaths and lost loved ones.

Please take some time to read about what's going on and pass it on to a friend. Please help, a small donation goes a long way. It needs our attention, the media has not covered this like it should.

Some links to read ....

help spread the word

share El Savador 

state of emergency in El Salvador 

voices from El Salvador

cis- El Salvador

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prenni5 said...

How did playoff game 2 go? I am proud of how well his team has done! I think it's normal to feel anxious as a parent when you know your kid has worked so hard towards a goal! Thank you for the information on El Salvador. I did not know and I will make a donation. xo


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