Friday, April 9


Immigration is such a difficult topic.

I came to America as a child, an immigrant.  I have lived here all my life, call America home, and was lucky to finally become a resident as a teenager.  I love America.

Times are much harder now.  Those kids, like me, who don't know any other way of life other than the American way of life are unable to attend college and have rights, and even worse, some are being forced back to the countries they were born.  Forced to leave their dreams, friends and lives behind.  Forced back to countries where dreams are almost impossible.

Please don't leave a comment if it's a negative one.


Stephanie said...

Such a difficult topic indeed. I feel torn about the political decisions surrounding immigration - there are so many PEOPLE at stake no matter how you look at it.

Madeline said...

This is a really difficult topic, for sure. We live in an area where there are a lot of immigrants. So many of them are children. I assume their parents brought them here for a better life, but so many of them end up in awful and difficult situations. It's often so heartbreaking to witness.


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