Saturday, April 10

toma leche y amigas

I had a really good week.

I got a lot done at home (including learning to play a mean game of Battleship)
and even had some time for me,

to get together with some great bloggers, and see these friends in person.

We hung out at Point De Vue salon on the westside for a fun got milk? event.

We were schooled on how to get that  hair salon look at home during the hair boot camp led by the most fabulous Muriel M.  Her salon is so welcoming, with big windows that let's in beautiful LA sun, an outdoor patio, and the most beautiful painting of a mama and baby right in the middle of the shop.

We were treated like stars, with complimentary lip and eyebrow waxing, skin consultations, scalp massages, yummy latte's

and cupcakes!

I was a bit embarrassed yet excited about learning how to hold my blow-dryer the right way.  I had it totally wrong.

Muriel's advice:

Do not wash your hair more than every two day's.

Invest on a 600 watt hairdryer and use the tip on it.

Use the highest heat setting.

Use a round brush.

Roll sections of your hair with the brush, and use high heat while tightly unrolling.

It was such a fun event.

I got some great beauty secrets from the got milk? girls (who are SO fabulous) that I will share in the next couple posts.

I hope you are having a beautiful weekend. You deserve it!

*I was not asked or given any compensation to share this with you.  I was invited to the event and given a little bag with goodies.  Sharing with you was 100% up to me. 


Liz said...

It was FUN seeing you Amiga!!!

I can't wait for our next meet up!!


Stephanie said...

What a fun event! I totally don't know how to use a blow-dryer properly either. I usually just let my hair air dry!

P.S. So fun to see Caryn of Rockin' Mama in your picture. She is such a sweetheart.

SoCal_Me said...

I love busy weeks with lot's to do, places to go, and people to meet! Glad you enjoyed.


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