Monday, April 19

On being home with the kids...

Spring break is over for Miah and he is back in school today.

Back to the normal schedule, of homework, bedtimes, and pick ups and drop offs.

We had a fun week (I even called sick to work one day and might of not been that sick), hung out with friends, got things done around the house, and had some much needed mama and kids time.

Makes me wish I could stay home, and not work. And homeschool the kids. 

Then reality hits.  And I know I can't.  And I wonder if I would be any good at being a stay home mom. 
I am so good at being a nurse, and like helping people, and like the intensity of it, and the responsibilities, and challenges and the people I get to hang out with (my other family, it feels like, sometimes). 
But, I love my family.  Miss them.  And wonder if this is the right thing to do. 

Do you ever have thoughts like this?  On how you would be... at your other job?

Speaking of jobs, here is the one we are working on atm:

Jeremiah picked the Santa Barbara Mission as his 4th grade California Mission project (we need to build a miniature version).  Any tips, suggestions?

As for Miss Audrey Marie:

Audrey is pointing to all most of her body parts when you ask her to show you, whether it be in english or spanish. 
 It's really cute, and I need to video tape her asap ( :


Madeline said...

Being a mama comes with so many tough decisions for sure. It sounds like you're doing your best. And, of course, you'd make a great stay at home mama if that's what you chose...and a great homeschooling mama. :)
Glad y'all had such a great spring break!!

Unknown said...

Marcela, I think whether you stay home or go to work - it's never easy when you add "mom" to the equation. I've been fortunate to be on both sides and they're both painfully diffucult. What I've finally come to learn is that it's never perfect - do the best you can and find joy in the life you're living and the life you've created. As you know it goes by crazy fast.

Unknown said...

Oooh! I always ask myself that question about staying at home and now more that I'm staying at home with Maya. But, like you, I'm sure I can't do it. I always want to work, I also love to design!! If I didn't work as a designer in a full time job I know I would look for stuff to do like my blog, photography, designing my posts, header, etc at home, so at the end I would be working anyways! But that doesn't mean I don't love being a mom, it just needs to be balanced. And it's better for everybody in the family cause if mom is happy everybody else is!!

Stephanie said...

I so appreciate your honesty, Marcela! You strike me as being a gentle, involved, and positive mama! These kind of decisions are never easy...

Marcela said...

When I read all your comments, I'm reminded why I love this blogging thing! You guys are awesome, thanks for being there (or here, depending on how you look at it)! ( :

Lola said...

Este es mi comecocos diario. He reducido mi jornada a cuatro horas diarias y aún así me siento tremendamente culpable de no estar con mi niña toda la mañana. Añade a eso que no tengo la suerte de disfrutar de mi trabajo como tu, con lo que todavía le veo menos sentido...
No se si hay una respuesta buena, o la duda nos perseguirá toda la vida ;·) , pero por lo poquito que te he leído estoy segura que tu eres una mamá estupenda, con trabajo o sin él.


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