Sunday, August 29

Four seconds left

He has the ball. 
And a chance to tie the game. 

I can feel his heart racing, and his energy. 
Only like a mom can.
Audrey and I sitting at the bleachers. 
Kip with video camera in hand. 

Just like that. 
He shoots.
He misses. 

I want to run on the court. Scoop him in my arms. Tell him "it's okay".

But I can't.  And there goes the playoff game.  And he feels terrible. And I feel his pain.

I tell him it can happen to anyone.  It can.  How proud I am, and how much help he was to his team.

But right about now, I don't think there is anything I can say to comfort him.

I wish there was another way to learn this lesson. 

The lesson of loosing.

Sometimes, we give it all we've got and still.... we loose

And still life goes on.  And new games.  And new chances. 
We try, we give it our all. Always. 

Sometimes we win.  Sometimes we loose.

*how do you talk loosing with your kids?


Claudya Martinez said...

So beautifully expressed. I think playing sports is a wonderful way to learn the lesson of losing and not dwelling on it.

Tracy said...

Agreed with Unknown Mami. Sports are a good way to learn some lessons about life. There's a quote I have in my boys bedroom. It's a photo of a soccer ball in front of a goal, with the sun shining just so, and the quote says, "Football [soccer] is the best model of real life... You'll always have another chance to win."


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