Thursday, September 2

Back to School Shopping/and tips

Jeremiah start's school in two weeks.
Fifth did you happen so fast?

This time of year is exciting.
Friends, a new teacher, being a fifth grader!

As for back to school shopping... it has never been one of his biggies.  He thinks shopping for new uniforms, or shopping in general is torture.  Seriously?
(side note:  Uniforms are easy. No one looks better, has better clothes, or has brand names. It's something more public schools should do).

So...anyways...because it's back to school... I'm inspired to share some of my back to school tips...

Jeremiah will be using his same backpack.  We bought it when he was in third grade, and it's still in good, ready for 5th grade condition, it's camo pattern, and all the kids know it's his. 
I think he likes this.  
I don't believe in the yearly backpack, specially when he has a good one at home.  I am lucky, because the backpack is not a big deal to him.  My tip: Invest in a good quality backpack...and it will last more than a few years, pick a simple pattern or plain color and don't pick something that will most likely go out of style the next year. 

Before you go out school supply shopping, take inventory of what you have.

Prepare a desk or work study area, cleaning it out (I SO need to do this with Jeremiah).  Less is no clutter (:

Invest in a good sharpener.  Sit down with your kids, sharpen all your pencils and color pencils.  They will look pretty, and the need for new ones every year won't seem so important.

I keep Jeremiah's loose markers crayons in pouches or Ziploc bags. 

Buy a small storage container to hold all your supplies in.  When it's time to do homework or a project you bring it out, and then put everything away when kids are done, this way nothing gets lost or misplaced.

 You don't need fancy school supplies.  Remember: minimal and quality.

Shop at a office/school supply store instead of a carry all type department store.  This will prevent over spending in other a new top, or scarf, or cookies, ....etc... ( :

Staples is the closest to me.  They were also very nice (because of this blog) to send Jeremiah new school supplies.  This means a lot, and Jeremiah's happy face when opening the package was enough to convince me.  That and a PR company that actually took time to read through my blog ( :

They have shopping list's by grade that can help you organize your things at home in order to find out what you need for your shopping trip.  Very helpful.

Hang a calendar up for your kids, teaching them to keep track of projects, events, and homework, or show them how to keep a planner or calendar on their computer.  Daily tracking will help them and you stay organized.

Set up a small basket or box to keep papers sent from school.  You can have them use the backs for scratch paper for mathwork.  Cheaper and greener than using a new sheet of paper during homework.

I think that's it for now, maybe a lot?  
I hope some of these are helpful for the new year ( :

Where do you shop for back to school supplies?  Do you have tips to share?

*I was not required or given compensation to write this post.  I did receive a gift of back to school supplies from Staples.  I am thankful for them.  I do shop at Staples (have for years), again, mainly because it's the closest, but always find great deals and products there. 


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