Thursday, June 23

Pampers First Fathers Day Celebration

Last weekend was the Fathers Day Celebration hosted by Pampers and myself.  Iv'e been meaning to share with all of you on how it went... I am super thrilled to say that it was a great success.  

The weather was perfect, the view gorgeous (Santa Monica beach), there was food, bubble machines, coloring books, gifts, a latin jazz band, free massages, a super fun photo booth and so many beautiful Latino families. 

The turn out was fantastic, I hope all the dad's that attended felt special (they are).

Thanks to "likes" from you Pampers threw parties like this (First Fathers Day Cook-Outs) all across the country via their Little Miracle Missions campaign... these personal touches make a brand stand out from all the rest.
You can learn more about the great things they are up to via Pampers Facebook page. 

I got to meet in person some of my readers, and saw friends, and fellow bloggers (whom I adore) and was in baby heaven. 

Babies make any party special. 
And this party had a lot of them. ( :

I seriously wish I could share every picture with you! 

They are each so perfect. 

A huge thanks to Pampers for choosing me for this project... this event was all about family and culture... both things dear to my heart.

*I was given monetary compensation for working on this project, attending the event, and blogging about it. It still was a super event, something I put a lot of me into, and feel proud to be a part of. 
*photos via (a very cool photo booth for events)


MJ said...

It looks like it was so much fun!

Cyn D said...

Everyone looks like they are having so much fun! So bummed I couldn't make it. Congrats on such a fun event.


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