Friday, June 17

Pampers giveaway winner... and more on baby showers

I loved reading through all the baby shower stories and comments, my favorite has to be Ashleigh's... who got a baby shower in the mail... cards from loved ones far away arriving at her door step at the same time to wish her and baby sweet thoughts. Perfect

... have you ever played the shower game where everyone is given a pin at the start of the shower... the rules: don't cross your legs (because expecting mamas can't cross their legs)... and if you do and someone sees you... they get to take your pin away..  and at the end of the shower the lady with the biggest collection of pins wins?!?  I love that game!!

I randomly picked a winner for the Pampers gift card giveaway... Congrats Sindy!  You are the winner!

I had an intimate shower.  Friends. Family. Mini sandwiches. 
The sun was shining. 
And I felt so happy.

If you haven't yet... make sure you like Pampers on facebook.  They provided the gift card for this lovely giveaway... let's pay it forward by helping moms across the country get baby showers also!!

*no compensation was given for this post.


lizziedoesit said...

you look beautiful on your baby shower pictures!!

prenni5 said...

I love your baby shower pics; you look radiant!! Did you know I had the same type of Baby Shower as Ashleigh when I was pregnant with Will. My friend Allie organized it and on this one specific day I received an abundance of, flower arrangements, emails, etc from family and friends. It was soo great! :)

The littlest said...

you are gorgeous!!!! i have to plan two baby showers this summer (one in los angeles and one in london) this kind of makes me feel a little more relaxed about it!

xoxo congratulations!


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