Friday, June 10

This weekend...

A neighborhood potluck.  Some spa time with friends. Sleeping.

And some party planning for the upcoming Fathers Day Celebration Pampers is sponsoring...  I am so looking forward to it... really excited to mingle with other families. I know it will be a success and have been putting a lot of me into this project.

Please let any families you know in the LA area about this post or if you are near please come... you will have a great time... I know it. ( :

(Audrey is turning into a raisin in the bath atm, dad is convincing her that it's time to get out.
I don't think she's ready)

Some fabulous links for you...

the proper way to babywear

cucumber limeade is something I need to make asap

and a whole week of Latinas talking natural parenting

oh yes...

enter my giveaway if you haven't yet... friends are sharing great baby shower stories there.

A beautiful weekend to you amigas!

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prenni5 said...

Love that photo!! Email it to me please! xoxo


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