Sunday, June 5

summer camp

Audrey asks to go to school all the time.  I'm not sure what she thinks happens at school... since she's never been... but she does know Jeremiah goes...

I'm really excited that she gets to spend a whole week this summer at KinderCare.  They offered me a week of fun for her... and I asked would you like?... and she said YES!

I think we'll choose Splish, Splash!,  since it's only appropriate, being summer and all, yet, she is such a good helper in the kitchen...

KinderCare sent me some images to share with you,  I thought the lemonade was interesting with such a high number of parents sending their kiddies to summer camp.  Is this because they might be working parents (like myself) or just parents who run out of ideas to keep the kids entertained? 

Do you do summer camp? Why or why not?

*I was not given any monetary compensation for sharing... but Audrey does get a free week of summer camp at KinderCare. 


Madeline said...

Aw...she wants to be just like big brother! Hope she enjoys her camp experience!

lizziedoesit said...

i wish i could send Niko but he's not potty trained yet. he'll be three at the end of this month!! thats exactly what Niko needs, interaction with kids his age. Thats so awesome Aubrey's gonna go though, she's gonna have a blast!

prenni5 said...

We are doing week long camps for each kid related to their particular interest staggered throughout the summer. This week Will goes to Taekwondo Camp every day from 9-3. Next month Laine does a Tinkerbell Ballet Camp that goes 3 days from 9:30 to 11am. Jake is doing a tennis clinic that goes 4 days a week from 8:30 to 10am throughout June & July so his schedule is the most intense. Honestly my kids would be bored out of their minds and ready to kill eachother if I didn't schedule a few activities throughout the summer. We can only walk down to the neighborhood pool so many times. ;)

Unknown said...

So cool! Let us know how it goes!! I would love to have Adrian in a summer camp but with the move we couldn't decide or even look for anything yet, for sure next year!


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