Friday, June 3

Rainbows... and shopping at Whole Foods on a budget

I ate a rainbow today.

Red and yellow peppers. Baby carrots. Avocado. Red cabbage. Blueberries. 

... how many colors of the rainbow can you find in the kitchen?

Have you heard?... the USDA is replacing the food pyramid... with a plate! 
What do you think?

Audrey and I recently took a tour of Whole Foods...  and learned so much from it we have been shopping there lately...

(with same budget!) 

I want to share some tips Iv'e been learning...

Tips for Shopping at Whole Foods
  • Set up a personal tour at your local store.  You will learn so much!  Learn how to find their deals, look for certain labels and brands and really take advantage of the store.
  • Shop the bulk bins.  The items are cheaper because you aren't paying for packaging or brand names , you can get as much or as little as you want. 
  • Shop for produce that's in season.  People usually stick to the same veggies and fruits all year long.  Try new stuff, it's healthy and can be cheap too. 
  • Remember portion sizes, instead of having a huge piece of beef, chicken or fish, stick to 3-4 oz portions... "reconfigure your plate". 
  • Fish is too expensive? Get a whole fish. They weigh it, clean it and portion it for you.  This way you know for sure what kind of fish you are eating and can save some money as well. 
  • Make a list... and actually take it with you ( :.  There is so much healthy and yummy temptation in this store... but if you have a list you can stick to just what you need. 
  • Print out some of their whole deal newsletter coupons or pick the newsletter up when you are there.  You might find a good deal or something you need among the coupons. 
  • Take advantage of their website, they have great recipes that you can usually make or adjust to your budget.

Do you ever shop here?  What tips do you have? 

Share them!!!

*No compensation was given for this post. I was given a tour and think more people should take it too!


Kip said...

Great photos! I'm hungry now.

Color Land said...

Nice picture, so colorful!
Nunca he visitado esa tienda, pensaba que todo era muy caro, pero creo seria buena idea un dia ir!

prenni5 said...

Soo pretty! I wish I could get my kids to eat all this healthy stuff so I could make them rainbows for lunch! Great info on Whole Foods too. Thanks! I had no idea they offered tours!

Madeline said...

There's not one close enough to us, but I wish there was!

Unknown said...

Marce, these are great tips. I need to schedule a tour cause I usually go to Whole foods once in while to get something I need that they don't sell elsewhere. I also use it as my pharmacy.
About the produce in season, do you have a chart or something that tells you which ones are? Other than the obvious ones I don't know all the times which ones are in season...
Cool rainbow by the way!!

Stephanie said...

I really like Whole Foods! We took a tour of the flagship store in Austin and we were quite impressed - wonderful selection, beautiful store, free fruit for little ones, plus an on-site playground!

Stephanie said...

P.S. I like your rainbow.


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