Monday, August 1

One Million Story Times

Have you read the story book Corduroy? It's the sweetest book about a teddy bear and a little girl and one of Audrey's favorite at the moment. 
It was passed along and shared with us... and we love that. 

KinderCare launched it's Read. Share. Give. program with a goal of 
"one million story times" this summer. 

I love what it's about...reading, family, friends, sharing and giving. 

How it works: 

Pick a book to read with your family

Visit to download and print out a book label, enter the book's code and start following your books journey!
(so cool)

Place the label into the inside front cover of the book and pass it on to family and friends to do the same

The more books that are read and passed along the more KinderCare will donate to early childhood reading programs. 

Audrey wants to share Corduroy with you...

(the giveaway)

It's not new, and has been read by us, but I think having a book passed on by friends makes it even more special....

Don't be shy...leave any topic related comment... like what book you will pick to share and who you will share a book with?
Audrey and I will pick one of you at random on August 15th and put the book in the mail to share with you...
in return we hope after reading you will share with someone too!

Pass the love of books friends!!!

*kindercare shared this book with us, no compensation of any kind was given, we just want to pass the love and share with you


Unknown said...

Awesome idea. Thanks for sharing.

prenni5 said...

Love this idea!! Laine's favorite book is "If You Give A Pig A Pancake". We will print our label and pass it on.


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