Saturday, September 3

Jorge el Curioso

Curious George was one of Jeremiah's favorite books to read as a toddler.
There were so many giggles at how curious the monkey was and how he would always find himself in a new adventure.

I remember how excited we were when we found out about the Curious George movie... I have memories (2006) of my sister in law and I driving in Satellite Beach, taking the boys to see it.... Jack Johnson's Upside Down has been on our playlist ever since, and both Jeremiah and I always love singing to it.

I think that same year is when the Curious George show started on PBS. It was one of his favorite morning cartoons. One that I always approved of.

Way too fast, he got a little older... and left these characters, stories and shows behind....or maybe stored away for safe keeping. Picture books no longer as interesting to him, chapter books brought a whole new meaning to the word reading.

Then, there was Audrey.
Slowly picture books have filled our home again.

Every night she asks Jeremiah to read her a story before bed and every night Jeremiah does.

Picture books, characters and stories have taken over him again, not even realizing it, he's fallen in love once more. I think this is why we call them classics.

And just like he reads to her, he also sits with her on the couch and they watch their favorite shows together.

A new season (season 6) of Curious George premiers Labor Day, September 5th!
The new episodes include George learning about auctions, the opera, sculpting, photography and about being a detective.

PBS (very special people) sent us a DVD with 3 new episodes of CURIOUS GEORGE® Takes on the Arts.  Audrey has gotten a chance to watch all of them and approves!

They also sent us the book Curious George in Spanish... Jorge el Curioso (it's sitting on the bedside table... where our favorites always sit). 

PBS will also be re-airing 5 episodes, scheduled for the week of September 19th, featuring Curious George's Latino friend Marco in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (see why I think they are so special :). 

Exciting right? 
A full month to celebrate our Latino culture and the arts...and our favorite monkey!

*Disclosure: A set of DVD's and a book were sent to Audrey. 
This post qualifies me to enter a random drawing for monetary compensation. 
All thoughts are my own, sharing my thoughts and taking part in this campaign because we love the monkey( :

*top photo credit: Curious George® & © 2011 Universal Studios and/or HMH. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. PBS KIDS (R) Public Broadcasting Services


prenni5 said...

LOVE Curious George! I remember when we took the boys to see it! Love that Miah reads to Audrey every night! Soo sweet.

Nora said...

Curious George ROCKS!

Color Land said...

Me encanta curioso jorge, es una caricatura muy tierna y sobre todo de mucho aprendizaje, a Jimena le encanta tambien, casi no ve tv pero curious george es uno de sus favoritos!
Que lindo que Jeremiah le lea a Audrey, tan lindos hermanos :)

Mary Beatty said...

Laine is also enamoured with George as were the boys before her. Glad to hear the series is now bi-lingual. I wish more things were .

Claudya Martinez said...

The book is a big hit at our home.


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