Thursday, October 13

so fancy

Audrey is taking a nap at the moment, something she hasn't done for the last two weeks.
It's quiet. Nice actually.

I can actually blog.

Life has been busy, as always.

Sleep has been treasured, and because of this, Iv'e been neglecting this blog. Sorry.

This morning Audrey and I went out for coffee. Our order: latte with soy, and a warm milk with whip cream on top.

We then thrifted a bit, picked up a new puzzle and a some books, including one of my favorite books as a child, The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes, I can't wait for Audrey to be a bit older so I can read this to her. Have you read?

Our thrifting ended with a tantrum over wanting to bring home a hamster home with an exercise wheel and the bedding next to it. Ofcoarse my excuse for not buying was that there was no hamster inside, but that didn't really matter.

My body has been super soar all day, I started my circuit training classes again and even thinking about the word muscle hurts me all over. ( :

Tonight Kip and I get to dress up. Crown City Hardware was voted best hardware store in Pasadena by Pasadena Weekly and we get to celebrate at the Best of Pasadena party. We are big on shopping local and family owned so this is special news for us.

Ok, off to get fancy....


Mary Beatty said...

Glad to hear you shop local. Great for small businesses and your community. I'm sure you both looked gorgeous. Hope you had a wonderful time.

Unknown said...

for food we always shop local :) great post! and blog. hope you can check our my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! i am also hosting a great giveaway by the amazing Haute Totes!xo

prenni5 said...

How fun!! Congratulations to Crown City Hardware for their recognition...well deserved! Hope you had a wonderful evening! xo


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