Friday, June 1

a bonnet...friends

i love these bonnets from bonnetfriend. i think this should be Audrey's go to hat this summer. organic, beautiful fabrics, and locally made by a mom in Pasadena. 
friends...aren't they adorable?


Jackie said...

They are precious! They remind me of when I had a Holly Hobby doll!

Stephanie said...

Yes! Adorable! I bet my girls would label them their "Little House on the Prairie" hats (we read the whole series last year). :)

prenni5 said...

I L O V E these Bonnets!!!!! I am going to order one for Laine right now. Cutest things ever! I hope she wears it! I swear I would dress her like "Little House On The Prairie" every day if I could. Love that look!! xo


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