Thursday, June 28

flew by

Audrey's birthday party is this weekend and there really hasn't been much else on her mind. Talks about who will be there what we will eat what we will do and how it's going to be SO much fun have filled our home.

Iv'e taken the kids out for ice cream every one of my off days this week... and this might be due to more of my own cravings. ( :

We cleaned out Jeremiah's closet yesterday, and I almost wish I hadn't. Every time we clean his things out we give more toys away... and every time we do it looks more like a teenagers room and less like my little boys room.

When did all those action figures not become so important in his life? It just flew by, it seems. And all those times I wished there was less toy clutter...I miss them. 

I think I want ice cream right now...


Mary Beatty said...

How sweet and how touching. A 4th birthday Is a huge deal. No surprise that's all she talks about and thinks about. It'll be fabulous. Cleaning out a growing child's closet, especially as they transition into a tween is painful. Just be proud of the wonderfully nice and kind he is. He'll be a good man. Love to all of you.

Vivian said...

Enjoy the birthday. I think the same about toys and how I wish I could get rid of all of them and then my house would finally be clean, and how about all those time I step on the LEGOS... Thank you for writing this. I am reminded I actually want a lot of toys in my house, I don't want my kids to grow up.

Jackie said...

1. Love the photo!
2. Letting go is hard :(
3. Yummy ice cream :)

Ana said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Audrey!! I feel like that about my girls wood blocks. I can't stand them all over the floor, but I shouldn't complain, cause childhood is so fleeting. Happy weekend!

Natalia Carter said...

Que linda foto!! Felicidades princess Audrey!


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