Sunday, June 10

short hair

Friday morning I get out of the shower and find some of Audrey's hair on the kitchen floor. Scissors left as evidence on the counter...scared to see the damage... Que paso???

Apparently she wants her hair short. This is the second time she has done this in the last two weeks so she is obviously very serious about not wanting long hair. I'm taking her in for a cut asap. (:

Jeremiah starts summer vacation in three days. I'm so happy about this. I love having him home. No pressure about drop off's or pick ups. Everything is so much more relaxed around here. I think it's just what we need before baby gets here.

The kids have already requested lots of beach days and I'm totally feeling this request....


prenni5 said...

Oh girl...this is my greatest IRRATIONAL fear. Laine cutting all her hair off...Ugh! So much so that we keep all scissors in a cabinet up high where her little hands can't reach. And Savannah had her bangs cut off at a sleepover which Kate handled quite well, but it was a moment for me. I's going to happen. Little girls experiment with their hair and either Laine is going to do it or a friend is. And I had to remind myself that Laine is not defined by her long beautiful hair and I must never convey to her that she is. So..if it ever happens; she will not see disapproval on my face. It might be my greatest acting performance ever, but she won't see it!! ;) For now, Laine wants to look like Rapunzel so I think I'm safe, but if she requests short like Audrey, we;ll go short. Send me a pic! xoxo

Natalia Carter said...

Qué linda!!! Mi sobrina por el contrario quiere que su pelo crezca al estilo Rapunzel :S

Mary Beatty said...

Most little girls want long hair so this is interesting. No matter what, she'll be breathtakingly beautiful.


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