Monday, June 4

pinecone birdfeeder

Audrey and I went on a really nice hike this morning. We let Max run free as we collected pinecones along the way.

I decided to use the pinecones we found on our hike for an easy DIY project I had seen on Lowe's Creative Ideas.

You can use pinecones or cut out cardboard shapes (here are some fun templates).

I used twine and tied it around the tips of the pinecone a couple of times with enough twine left for hanging.

Spread peanut butter all over the pinecones and then dipped them in birdseed. It was a really easy project for Audrey and I to do together.

We hung them in the backyard and now are patiently... waiting for birds to stop by.


Kip said...

You guys had a great day. Even Max!

Now, about those pesky birds hovering around our house...

Mary Beatty said...

That's a great idea particularly in winter when the birds need the fat for warmth. Sounds like it was a fun hike with a great craft project at the end.

Jackie said...

What a fun project to do together. I want to try it, but we have three cats, so I need to hang them high enough to avoid any problems.

Mary Beatty said...

This is a great idea particularly in the wintero ths when the birds need the fat for warmth.

Stephanie said...

I remember making one of these when I was a kid. I bet my girls would enjoy the project too. Thanks for the inspiration!

prenni5 said...

What a wonderful project idea to do with the kids!! Your hike with Max sounded lovely too! Miss you guys. xo


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