Sunday, March 14

Barbecue & Friends.

Friday night was just what I needed.  A night out with my favorite gals. 
We chatted, laughed and gossiped through LA traffic, finally getting to Tahoe Galbi on Wilshire. 

We grilled Korean barbecue, and ate way too much Banchan and rice paper. 

Spending time with friends is special isn't it?  Sometimes you feel so far away from them, in life.  Then you all get together, and it feels so good.  You might of not talked for days or weeks, but they have been there for you all along. I'm a lucky girl. 

Audrey slurped her noodles, then finished dinner with breastmilk for dessert. 

Special birthday girls this month. 
We were so stuffed, and happy ( :  And seriously considered taking a nap there before heading back home from KoreaTown. 

Audrey did. 


Madeline said...

Sounds like a blast! So good to have wonderful friends....and good food.

Marzette said...

Had a great time too!!! To think we all have known each other half of our lives and more years and memories to come! Love ya!!!

Carla said...

What a great idea for a restaurant!

I wanted to come by and say thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love getting your comments and have been enjoying your blog as well =) Your babies are gorgeous!

Cuidate ;-)

Stephanie said...

Look at Audrey in her denim jacket! Adorable!


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