Tuesday, March 23

A family is...

Have you heard of the HBO documentary A family is a family is a family: A Rosie O'Donnell Celebration?
I just finished watching and think it's truly beautiful.
Kids give their insights and thoughts on what it is to be a family.  The things they say are so special, enlightening and some of the funniest explanations I have ever heard.

According to one of the kids, this is how babies are made: "The sperm races to the egg, and the first one there gets to make the baby.  I think it's a science thing, basically."

Some of the kids have a mommy and a daddy and some two mommies or two daddies.  One family is three kids, their mommy and their grandma.  One girl talks about how she was adopted from China.

All cultures and races are included.  There's music by Ziggy Marley, Doris Day, Sweet Honey In The Rock, and we even get to hear a mariachi number by a Latino family with lot's of brothers and sisters...ofcoarse ( :

See the Trailer here.

Truly recommend it.

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