Thursday, March 11

There's been talk

about baby slings not being safe.  The slings they are talking about are the "bag like" slings, and carrying baby in the "c like" position where mom carries baby near her belly, in this position baby's chin may rest on chest, obstructing baby's face.  Don't use these slings.

Babywearing, when done the right way, is beneficial for mama and baby.  Educate yourself.  Babywearing (the right way) is so special.

Here are some links to learn how to wear baby the right way.

Babywearing Resources

Babywearing Safety


casual friday every day said...

I love that picture of you two.

Yes, babywearing (done right) is safe and wonderful!


Stephanie said...

Sweet photo. Gorgeous sling. You both are beautiful.

Lisa Renata said...

I'm glad you posted this, because like you I am afraid many new mamas will be scared of wearing slings. I loved carrying A in one and would have loved to have one when Ri was little.


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