Sunday, March 28

On our trip...

My laptop died while on my trip.  And I lost some pictures. And it hurts inside to think about.
Do you backup?  Please do. I don't back up like I should, and right about now really wish I had.

I took Mac into the Apple store for repair.  Crossing my fingers we could afford it.  Those Apple guys and gals, they are the best.  Aren't they?  Mac looks new, with new hardware and keypad.  It's a couple years old and out of warranty, but still, they took care of it, free of charge.  I heart them.  I do.

While Mac was away getting a makeover, we toured the plaza, ate at the classic cup.

Shopped the cutest little boutique for butterfly's.

We painted toddler toes and mama hands.

Got waxed.
Made the yummiest whatever's in the fridge omelet with cherry tomatoes, spinach leaves, feta cheese, and barley.

Had some of uncle Mark's yummy barbecue.

and gave lot's of hugs and kisses  xoxo

More pics and tales to come....


Madeline said...

Oh, no. What a heartsinking feeling. Wish you could recover those photos.
Looks like you've had fun taking more in the meantime.

Claudya Martinez said...

I just backed up the other day because I started worrying something would happen.

I'm so sorry you lost some pictures. How awesome that they are fixing your computer free of charge! Gotta love that.

Yoli said...

precious precious photos of audrey!!!

Stephanie said...

What a fun trip!

I'm so sorry about the lost pictures. I definitely need to back up more than I do. Thank you for the reminder!

P.S. You are SO beautiful, Marcela.

Marcela said...

Thank you Stephanie! I think you and those beautiful curls are SO stunning!!!


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