Tuesday, March 9

Have I ever told you?

I love Matt Damon. 

I fell in love after seeing him as Jason Bourne.  And got the whole set of Bourne movies for Christmas from Kip one year.  Jason Bourne is way cooler than Batman, IMHO. 

I love how he is married to Argentinian born,  Luciana .  How she was a single Latina mami before he met her, and how that didn't stop him from falling in love. 

Seriously though,  why did she wear this dress to the awards?

She looks pregnant, no?  

I tend to like flowy tops and dresses myself.  But, on more that one occasion, have been asked, when are you due?  Sometimes, like at award shows, it's not worth the risk. 

More Oscar thoughts....

I was so crossing my fingers for the Hurt Locker and director Kathryn Bigelow.   I almost yelled (I was in a patients room watching) when it won. 

I think Meryl Streep  (who btw, looked so hot)  was the best actress. But I won't get into it. 


Stephanie said...

I wonder if there will be another Bourne movie. I've heard rumors. Do you think?

Also: Have you seen "The Rainmaker"?

Marcela said...

Iv'e heard rumors too!!

He does have that new movie, Green Zone, coming out, which is directed by Paul Greengrass (who directed some of the Bourne movies).

I did see the Rainmaker!!! It's been so long, maybe I should watch it again!

yoli said...

meryl did look hot and you are making me want to watch the bourne movies!!!

Unknown said...

I also LOVE Matt Damon!! And the Bourne movies!!
You know, I did think she was pregnant for real, since I don't know much about the artists, I saw her and that's what I thought! jajaja!


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