Thursday, March 18

the brown leather couch

His house smells like vanilla.  I see a champagne bottle over ice.  I sit on the brown leather couch.  It's nice and firm, and looks like new.  He pours me a drink.  We are celebrating his dad's birthday, he is very sick, in the hospital, with cancer.  Kip want's to to something special, for his dad.
These size 4 jeans look good on me.  I love these boots.
He comes over, and holds my hand, he takes out a little black box.  It's the shiniest ring I have ever seen.

The couch is now mine too.  It's soft, and looks like lot's of people have sat on it. I nurse Audrey on it while we all watch a movie.  The couch has dog scratches and traces of spilled milk and juice. I don't even want to think about what's underneath the cushions.

This is a 3 minute writing exercise from:   Adventures in Babywearing: Couches
You can participate too!

I wrote it on our local pupuseria's take out menu.   3 minutes goes by fast, I still have lot's to say!


Lisa Renata said...

well you'll have to make a special post to tell us more about it.

I love the history behind furniture (or other things) just makes it that much special. I have this old trunk that was the first piece of furniture my parents bought when they got married (and it was already old). Right before I got married my parents asked what I wanted to take with me and I didn't even have to think about it twice. I love it. Robert always makes fun of it and tells me he is going to get rid of it- year right!

Stephanie said...

I love that you wrote it on a restaurant menu - and then shared it with us.

Leather couches are the best. :)


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