Thursday, March 25

A mother.

As I pulled into the hospital parking lot at work the other night, an image caught my eye.
I have probably seen an image like this one thousand times.  But for some reason, I was left with so many  thoughts inside.

She was a mother.  A handbag over one shoulder and a reusable bag over the other.  Filled with food? Clothes? Belongings?

She carried her toddler in her arms.  Maybe 3 or 4 years old? He slept peacefully as she managed to carry everything.

She walked in a hurry.  I could almost feel her arms aching.

I wondered where she was headed.  Was she a single mom?  Was her toddler sick?  Was she going to the hospital?

I saw her.  And realized, the meaning of motherhood.  I felt so powerful.

We all have our own stories and different places we are heading to.  But mothers are alike.  We love our babies, and will carry them till they peacefully fall asleep no matter how much are arms ache from carrying a heavy load.


Liz said...

Marcela, this is beautiful. I felt like through your words, I can see her too!

Well done, amiga!

SoCal_Me said...

Very true. We go through great lengths. We all share this in common. A mother's love is like no other.

Claudya Martinez said...

I had a similar thought the other day when I saw a mother and her child and I was amazed and proud of the strength that motherhood brings. It's pretty amazing and under-appreciated.


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