Wednesday, April 14

good news coming soon

Over the weekend Kip and I had a date night here at home.  My little sister Gaby babysat for us <3
We had dinner on the couch (chinese take out) while we watched Godfather part II (had never seen it before).  We enjoyed some much needed relaxation and ended our night really special...
we opened our fortune cookies.  Both our cookies read the same fortune:

Good news is coming soon

We thought that was a pretty cool way to end date night, specially because both of us have never opened fortune cookies where both fortunes are the same ( :

I was given some really yummy hair tips and recipes at the hair boot camp event

Here is an easy one I'm sure you will like. 


1 cup milk
1 egg

Beat egg in milk. When foam is consistent, rub into scalp. 
Leave on hair for 5 minutes.  Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water. 


* I was not asked or given any compensation to share this with you.  I was invited to a blogger event where this info was shared with me, I thought you might find it interesting also. 


Madeline said...

That is a cool way to end a date!

And, I'll have to remember this hair treatment for later in my pregnancy. In the late 2nd trimester with Levi, my hair got super dry.

Lisa Renata said...

Date nights. Aren't those stay at home date nights as as special as the going out ones? I love them.

I wonder what the great news coming your way is? hum...

Stephanie said...

"Good news is coming soon." I like that. That's a good thought to wake up to every morning... :)


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