Tuesday, April 20

Jeremiah and the honey bees

During spring break Jeremiah and I visited a local honey bee farm, Bill's Bee's.  We had the most amazing time.  It was so beautiful to see the bees in their habitat.  Jeremiah learned so much, and I think has thoughts of becoming a beekeeper now ( :

Pura Miel (the National Honey Board) invited us to learn about the benefits of honey and the difference between 100% honey and some of the fake honey that is out there.

It's amazing what we are being sold.
Products that are labeled "honey blend", "honey syrup", or "honey flavored" that are filled with corn syrups. The sad thing is, it's not just honey but all of the things we eat and are feeding our little ones.  Learning to read labels is SO important.

Pure honey only has one ingredient, honey.
The best place to find pure honey is at the local farmer's market (my favorite).  It's a natural sweetener.
And goes so yummy with my favorite tea, Dandelion atm.

honey bee pollen

Jeremiah in his beekeeper outfit.  Isn't he handsome?

This mom and son outing was just what we needed.  Jeremiah having mama to himself. 

I really recommend every now and then having an outing with just one of your kids. They love the attention, and you get to listen to just them during that time.  

Bill and his bees were such wonderful hosts and I know we will be visiting them quite often (at the farmer's market), they are at the  Pasadena farmer's market weekly.

*I was not asked or given any compensation to post about our trip or Honey.  I loved the invitation to the honey bee farm and the promoting of local farmer's, so I wanted to share ( :


Unknown said...

How cool! I can't believe how big is Jeremiah!! Looking forward to having those outings when my boy is bigger. Ive heard about camping for mom and son in Griffith park for example. Seems like yo guys had fun!!!

Madeline said...

I want to go! That looks awesome.

designHER Momma said...

I am deathly alergic to bees - seriously. With that said - I will only eat local, natural honey, preferably whipped.

Stephanie said...

What a fun field trip for you and your son! Thanks for sharing about your day...and for sharing your tips for finding pure honey. We use honey quite a bit around here so I think I'll definitely be keeping your advice on-hand for the future.

Marcela said...

Dariela, hanging out with Jeremiah was the best. I know Adrian would love just hanging out with you!

Madeline, if you lived close by, I would take you!!!

Emily, it must be so scary to be allergic like that! I actually have never been stung! Whipped honey...yummy!

Stephanie, honey is definitely better than a lot of the sugars out there, I need to find out more on using it in recipes!

Lisa Renata said...

How fun. Here at home we try to get all I can organic or local. And one of the local, yummy things we get is PURE HONEY. Yum.

Glad to know you are enjoying special moments with Jeremia.


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