Friday, April 23

Latte's, Earth Day, and less shopping

I sipped, while Audrey colored (pinta, pinta).  A yummy latte made by Millie, at Penny For Your Thoughts

It's our local coffee shop, just up the street, filled with antique, vintage and special second hand finds.  And coffee. 

Baby girl played with the chest full of toys while I checked email, and read my favorite blogs on my laptop.  
Free wireless + kid friendly <3

Local.  It's the way to go.  It's so much more personalized, and better for the Earth. 

Which brings me to Earth Day, and how bothered I was by all the "sales" and "specials" and "discounts" in celebrations of the big day. 
Big companies find a way to market anything to get us to buy their products.  
So, instead of visiting the farmer's market, or working on the garden outside, or turning off all the lights at home and sitting outside for some natural light, on Earth day, we my friends are shopping for 
"organic sheets on sale!!!". 

We are being played, even on Earth Day.  

Earth Day is bigger than this.  It's a reminder of the steps we need to take.  
Less shopping.  Less packaging.  Less, I want more kind of attitude.
More working together, and less individual steps. 

I am in no way calling myself perfect, in fact, I'm calling myself out.  I am known to overspend, and  don't carry credit cards with me for this reason. 

This doesn't mean I'm not entitled to treat myself to a latte, I just have to be a conscious consumer, like buying local, taking my own cup to the coffee shop, or buying Audrey a second hand vintage dress rather than a new dress.  

You might have already seen this film, it's a perfect reminder!


Madeline said...

So, so true! Companies will always find an angle in their attempt to get us to consume more, more, more.

That coffee shop sounds awesome!

Unknown said...

Well said chica! It's good to stop and analyze that. I always claim myself as somebody conscious about the earth and so on but sometimes I also fall into those traps without even knowing!! I like that video, I did watch it long time ago. Hopefully little by little we'll improve.

Lisa Renata said...

I hear ya girl! and totally agree! I get so upset at how the big companies do this. I also consider my self a shopaholic- a bargain shopahoic (if there is such a thing), but we try to live our lives fuller and earth friendlier by shopping at consignment stores when possible, buying locally, growing my own veggies and fruits, eating organic food, doing more outdoor activities, sewing as much as I can, re-selling or passing down toys and clothing the kids have outgrown (instead of tossing them) and so on. In whole, being conscious of our beautiful planet and what I want to leave behind for my kids and their kids.

Great post!


Yolanda Villeda said...

Loved your post! I want to visit that coffee shop!

Marcela said...

It's on Hill and Washington avenue!

It's really relaxing in there, perfect for reading a book or working on some homework.

Marcela said...

Yes, companies will always do this, and it's so easy to fall for it.

I love how all of you are good crafters (not so much myself) so it's nice when you can upcycle, make things at home, and can give homemade personalized gifts!

Funny, all of you are good at "making".... jealous over here!

Stephanie said...

I agree completely, Marcela! On Earth Day, we played outside and stayed home and didn't buy a thing. :)

P.S. I am a tad bit envious that you can WALK to coffee shops and farmer's markets. I think I need to move to California...

Marcela said...

Stephanie, I love how you celebrated Earth Day! We are definitely lucky we have local shops and farmer's markets, I really need to be more thankful for that and visit them more often.

I think shopping at local spots is the best thing we can do so more places can open up like this, all over the country.


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